Leaking Toilets and Faucets

A leak can be annoying with the constant running or dripping. That continual water flow can lead to high water bills–and cause pipe or fixture corrosion over time. When you notice water dripping from your faucet in the kitchen or bathroom sink, bathtub, laundry room or elsewhere in your home, it’s time call on PlatoPlumbing. You’ll get fast, friendly and skilled professional plumbing services every time.

Leaking Toilets and Faucets

Signs of a water faucet leak:

  • Drips: In often-used rooms of your home, you’d likely see or hear a water faucet leak, but it pays to check now and then. Give special attention to rooms where you don’t go as often or where it’s normally rather noisy.
  • Rust or water puddles: These can show up at the base of your faucets and around drains in sinks, tubs or showers if you have leaks.
  • Higher water bill: If your water bill seems to be going up for no apparent reason, don’t assume it’s just inflation. Take it as a reminder to check around the house for signs of leaks.
  • Squeaky faucets: Faucets that make noise when you turn the taps off and on—and are difficult to turn off completely.
  • Mold or rotten food smell: You may smell the effects of a leak before you see or hear anything.

Signs of a leaking toilet:

  • Noises: If you hear bubbling noises or groaning sounds coming from pipes behind or beneath the toilet, chances are your house isn’t haunted. You may have a plumbing leak.
  • Mysterious water on the bathroom floor: It could be a small amount well away from the bowl or right where the toilet meets the floor or wall. Small amounts of water from leaky toilets can run down the grooves between floor tiles or get soaked up by a rug. You can miss the early stages of a plumbing problem this way.
  • Uneven floor or tile: Homeowners sometimes notice a bump in the floor or tiles coming up around the toilet—only to find a slow leak has been happening.
  • Moldy or sewer gas smells in the bathroom.

DIY Tips to Fix a Leaking Toilet or Faucet

Before you call PlatoPlumbing, you may want to try replacing the faucet washers and o-rings or the failing parts of your toilet. If you attempt this, remember:

  • First turn off the water supply to the sink or toilet.
  • For a sink faucet leak, the culprits may be the washers and o-rings. For the toilet, it’s often the wax seal that secures the toilet to the bathroom floor.
  • Take any broken parts with you to the hardware store so that you’ll come home with correct replacements.

O-ring of toilet

Leaking Water Heater

Signs that your hot water heater is leaking:

  • Small puddles or excess moisture near the water heater tank.
  • Raised floor tiles or uneven flooring near the base of the water heater.
  • Noises like dripping water or unusual sounds from the water heater.
  • Lack of hot water or a restricted supply.

Diagram labeling the functions of a water heater

Leaking Washing Machine Hoses

What are the signs of a leaking washing machine hose?

  • A musty or moldy smell in the laundry room
  • Small pools of water behind or near the washing machine
  • Rusted or loose hose connections
  • Cracked hoses
  • Bulging hoses

What you can do to fix a leaking washing machine hose before you call PlatoPlumbing:

  • If you have a hose leak or washing machine overflow, turn off your washing machine and the water supply to that area of your home.
  • Check the hoses behind the washing machine. Old and heavily rusted or corroded washing machine hoses are the most common cause of washing machine leaks.
  • If you’re handy, you can disconnect the hoses behind the washer and try replacing the them.
  • Take the old washers to the hardware store to make sure you get matching replacements.
  • Attach the new washers and re-attach the hoses, then try your machine. If it still leaks while filling or emptying, call PlatoPlumbing.
  • Consider installing an automatic shut-off valve and water hammer arrestor to help prevent future leaks.

Diagram illustrating components and connections of a washer

Other Leaks

Natural Gas Line Leaks

While not a water issue, the natural gas that heats the water in your boiler can be very hazardous. Carbon monoxide gas is the most common and is both highly flammable and fatal if inhaled in large quantities. A sign of a natural gas leak is a rotten egg odor, which has been added to the gas since it is odorless and impossible to detect in its natural state. Keep carbon monoxide monitors outfitted with new batteries and located in range of your hot water heater and any other appliance that utilizes natural gas.

Diagram illustrates a Natural Gas pipeline from outside lines to inside the home.

Broken Water Lines

A broken water line can cause immediate damage to your property as well as a sudden spike in your water bill. Because water lines are located in your walls or under your home, sometimes a leak isn’t detected until signs of property damage begin to show. Regularly scheduled plumbing maintenance is the best way to prevent a broken water line, along with preventive measures during extreme weather conditions.

Call PlatoPlumbing to Fix Your Leak

Not an advanced do-it-yourselfer? We advise against trying to fix leaking toilets, faucets, water heaters, or washing machines on your own. Simply call PlatoPlumbing and avoid the inconvenience, mess and potential damage. We’ll diagnose your plumbing problem, repair your fixture if possible, or replace it for you right away.

Prevent a Leak in The Future

Ask your technician about the PlatoPlumbing AdvantagePlan®. The plan provides a comprehensive and economical solution to help homeowners avoid future water leak issues. The plan also helps to ensure your home’s plumbing system stays in top shape. The PlatoPlumbing residential AdvantagePlan includes: priority scheduling, preferential pricing below our standard price list and even more savings with our periodic specials. The plan also includes personalized records detailing our inspection, repairs and upkeep of your plumbing system, which helps diagnose future plumbing problems quickly. Your AdvantagePlan may include multiple property coverage and is transferable to new owners, should you decide to sell your home.

Get help for leaking washer hoses or a washing machine leaking–contact PlatoPlumbing today! Our expert plumbers are available to respond to household plumbing emergencies anytime, 24/7. Call PlatoPlumbing today!