Reliable plumbers are notoriously hard to find. After all, have we not all heard horror stories about cowboy plumbers who swoop into the homes of vulnerable people and work on a clogged drain or leaking toilet for 5 minutes (and spend another 40 to 55 minutes chatting away on the phone) before presenting a gargantuan bill?

The truth is: Not all plumbers are con artists, but there is a shortage of skilled professionals in the market leaving it open to rogue plumbers. These people are predators who prey on unwary customers with toilets spewing their content everywhere like a small volcano or boilers springing a leak.

So how can you choose a reliable plumber to work on your home?

1. Get recommendations

If you are in the market for a professional plumbing service, the best route is to get recommendations from friends and family or anyone else in your area who might know of a good plumber.

2. Do your own research

Assuming you have the time to search, the Internet is also a great place to look for a good plumbing service near you. Doing your own research comes with the added perk of access to real customer reviews and testimonials so you can make an informed choice.

3. Before booking a service, do your due diligence

Once you have the number of a good plumber, call them up and get a few things straight on the phone before booking a service. For example, you want to know:

  • How long they have been in business.
  • If they can provide references
  • If they have insurance to cover your property
  • If their work is guaranteed
  • If they are a registered member of a reputable professional trade body

Although, if your toilet is spewing its content, you may not have the time to see examples of their work before booking a particular GTA plumber. At the very least, you need to make sure that the emergency plumber you choose is qualified and offers good customer service. No matter how good they sound over the phone, don’t book the first plumber you call. Call at least three or four plumbing services Toronto before making a choice.

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